Active Shooter Alert

This is a Test… Danger, an active shooter has been reported at. Seek shelter in a locked meeting room or under your desk. Turn your mobile phone to silent and be quiet. Remain silent until authorities inform you that all is safe and clear. Please follow the instructions to confirm your receipt of this message.

Epidemic /Pandemic LEVEL 1

TEST TEST rnrnCurrent Time: 09:03:38 rnToday’s Date: 08-15-2017 rnEP/PAN Hospital CODE:: CODE ORANGE rnEP/PAN Incident Type: Measles rnEP/PAN SMS Short Description: 5 cases of measles reported in last 24hrs rnEP/PAN Incident Description: A potential outbreak of measles is possible. The hospital ER has seen 5 cases in the last 24 hours. rnBuilding or Campus Location: rnRoom number or name: Ambulance and ER areas rnEP/PAN PPE (Protective Action): Level A PPE rnEP/PAN Next Update: 08-15-2017 at 17:00:00 rnrnTEST TEST