Slingshot Files to Everbridge

Slingshot is SFTP-less file transfer to Everbridge
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Welcome to Sentworks Slingshot

Are you looking for an alternative to sending files to Everbridge via SFTP? Are you unable to host an API transfer? Slingshot has you covered. Let Slingshot take care of all your Everbridge file transfer needs. Slingshot is specifically designed for Everbridge and uses industry leading security methods to transfer your contacts, users, assets, dynamic locations and GIS data to both the Organization and Account levels.

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Easy Setup

Get up and running in minutes with no knowledge of encryption keys, SFTP or API required.

Encrypted Transfer

Fully encrypted transport from your system of record to Everbridge.

Native Encryption Key

No encryption key conversion required.

Complete History

Keep a complete history of transferred files.

How it Works

Slingshot is based on a highly secure, shared Box folder. This folder can reside on any desktop or server with access to the web. Scheduled exports from and manage your Everbridge SFTP credentials. When a file is saved to this folder Box notifies Slingshot and your file is SFTP to to Everbridge using the credentials in Box.
where its the file from Box login details stored in Box to send your file to Everbridge via SFTP... so you don't have to.