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Sentworks is the leader in Everbridge Orchestration and Optics

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Full group membership backup and restore. View a historic record of memberships as they change, restore as needed.


Copy templates across roles.
Make simple changes to many templates at once with the Sentworks Template Wizard.


Get full insight into your Everbridge implementation with canned reports designed by industry experts.


Use "Tags" to list contacts with zero confirmations across the multiple notifications that make up a critical event.

Popular Features


  • Confirmation rate and average speed reporting
  • Complete contact reporting (all associated groups, received notifications, statistics)
  • Rapid group membership adding and removing with type-ahead assist
  • Portal registration statistics
  • Contact path completion reporting


  • Group Backup Viewer (view and compare the last 30 group changes)
  • Group Restore (restore deleted or edited groups, or save as new)
  • View all Groups that are defined in Roles
  • Group Merge (take the members of one group and merge them into another)
  • Random Groups (create groups of random members for compliance testing)
  • NEW: Rapid Group Membership adding with type-ahead assist.


  • Confirmation Rate Reporting
  • Notification Tagging (get statistics and muster lists across a named collection of notifications)
  • Save sent notifications as Templates
  • Muster list reporting (view recipients in confirmed and not confirmed columns)
  • Graph speed of responses
  • View response times by hours:minutes:seconds (overall average and individual contact stats)


  • Copy Templates to selected Roles (create a perfect template and propagate to all offices)
  • Template Content Versioning (view a historic record of all the changes made to a templates content)
  • Template Edit Wizard (set consistent values across many templates at once)
  • Template Owner (owners get an email if a template is deleted or content is altered)
  • Template Commenting (collaborate on changes made to a template)
  • Save Notifications as Templates (take sent notifications and turn them into templates)
  • NEW: Message readability analysis (Flesch-Kincaid, Gunning-Fog, Coleman-Liau, SMOG, and ARI)


  • Login Reporting (View Everbridge logins statistics over time)
  • User Actions Log (A feed of all actions performed by uses)
  • Permissions Reporting (A flat report of all users and the roles they're a member of)
  • Usage Reporting (View daily usage of the Everbridge platform)


  • Create Group Manager Roles from Groups (Ideal for building many GM roles)
  • Group Manager permissions matrix (view permissions for each GM role in a flat table)
  • Permissions Reporting (A flat report of all roles and their members)


  • Compare Organizations (see settings differences between test and production orgs)

Everbridge Integration Overview


$0.12 per Everbridge contact + $2,000 yearly.

No setup or implementation fees.

State and local government pricing is available upon request.

Start a 30 day trial.


Sentworks is a comprehensive solution that assists in the building and maintaining of complex Everbridge environments. Sentworks empowers you to easily address time consuming administrative challenges across the entire organization with pinpoint accuracy. It also provides detailed insight into your Everbridge investment with curated reports designed by industry experts and those that run the largest Everbridge deployments. It frees time, ensures absolute consistency and gives the optics needed to manage your next critical event with confidence.