How to get and configure an Everbridge API Key

The Everbridge API is an add on feature that requires Everbridge activation and a little setup on your end. This post is meant to get an API key in your hands ASAP while sprinkling in a few best practices along the way.

Before you contact Everbridge

Even if you already have an API account it is a best practice to scope your accounts
You may already have an API user account configured. Since there is no way to tell an activated API account from a user record, check for API sounding user names. If you don’t see any, create a new user keeping in mind:
  1. How many user accounts do you need? To Everbridge, API calls are identical to actions done by users in the browser. If you have multiple use cases or systems using the Everbridge API, make sure you have a user account for each of them. This is critical to permissions and event logging.
  2. Determine the least amount of privileges required for this API’s usage. For example, if it’ll be used for contact updates, Set the permissions to Data Manager.
  3. Give it a good user name. Example: Sentworks API. All actions done with this API key will be stamped with it’s user name. To enhance audit, dedicate an API user account for each vendor or app that uses the API.
  4. Give it a strong password
  5. Do Not log in with this account. This will ensure that password expiration rules are never applied.

You’re now ready to engage Everbridge. To ensure speedy configuration, give them:

  • Your Account Name
  • Your Company Name
  • The API’s “User ID.” Open the users record and copy the url. The users id is at the end of the URL.

Need it now?

If you need an Everbridge API key right away, choose one of the following options:
  1. Ask your Everbridge Account Manager
    • Your AM will work with Support to ensure proper API configuration.
    • Once configured, they will let you know what user account they created and activated with API access.
    • Skip to “How to create the Everbridge API Key” below.
  2. Ask Everbridge Support
    • Support will gladly configure API activation as long as you’re configured in the Everbridge CMS with an API license. If Support is unable to determine that you’ve purchased the API, coordination with your Account Manager is required before proceeding.
    • Skip to “How to create the Everbridge API Key” below.

How to create the Everbridge API Key

The Everbridge API uses a base64 encoded version of the activated accounts username and password to authenticate. It’s OK if none of that makes sense, just do the following.
  1. Get the username and password of the API user account
  2. Encode the user name and password here:
    1. Example username:password will equal dXNlcm5hbWU6cGFzc3dvcmQ=
    2. Don’t forget to put the colon in-between the username and password.

Test the Key

  1. Use to test your API key.
  2. Expand “/contacts”
  3. Expand “GET /contacts/{organizationId}”
  4. Paste the API key into the “credentials” field.
  5. Paste your Org ID into the “organizationId” field.
  6. Click the “Try it Out!” button.
  7. You should get a “message”: “OK” result.
 In closing, make sure you keep your API key in a safe place.

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