Unleash your Everbridge Platform

Sentworks is Advanced Administration for Everbridge
To Be Unleashed Sept 29th

Welcome to Sentworks

Sentworks is the most comprehensive solution for advanced administration of the Everbridge Platform.
Sentworks empowers you to easily address common yet critical administrative challenges related to security, user and group management, notifications, contacts and templates. Sentworks also provides comprehensive Everbridge optics so you can identify and immediately act on issues across your entire Everbridge organization or account.



Advanced Administration and Reporting for Everbridge. Beta Program to start late Summer with General Availability Fall 2017.


Full group membership backup and restore. View a historic record of memeberships as they change, restore as needed.


Copy templates across roles.
Make simple changes to many templates at once with the Sentworks Template Wizard.


Get full insight into your Everbridge implementation with canned reports designed by industry experts.


Use "Tags" to list contacts with zero confirmations across the multiple notifications that make up a critical event.


An alternative to sending scheduled files to Everbridge with SFTP. Available today. Request a Trial. More details.

Easy Setup

Get up and running in minutes with no required knowledge of encryption keys or SFTP.

Encrypted Transfer

Fully encrypted transfer from your source server to Everbridge using TLS 1.2

Native Encryption Key

Uses the default Everbridge encryption key format. No key conversion required.

Complete History

Keep the complete history of all transferred files in one secure location.

Got Ideas?

We're here to help organizations successfully deploy and manage Everbridge. Your ideas turn into our upcoming features, but only if you share :)

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Sentworks Community

Helpful (free) utilities that enrich your Everbridge platform.

Open Commuinity Site

Post to a Blog

Post your notifications to our Community blog (via Web Postings) free of charge.

Post to RSS

All notifications sent to the community blog will be included in it's RSS feed.

Template Gallery

Looking for language to put in your notificatoin templates? Crowd sourced notification content for all situations. -Coming Soon

Template Feedback

Looking for feedback on your templates? All submitted templates will be open to public feedback. -Coming Soon